John Riedl


John Riedl
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota
Department of Computer Science


4-192 EE/CS Building
200 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: (612) 624-7372
Fax: (612) 625-0572

Distributed Database Research

My Ph.D. research was with Prof. Bhargava at Purdue University in the area of distributed database systems. We worked with a large group of other students on adaptable distributed database systems. Our research included:

  • Adaptability Models: Ways in which distributed database systems can be made adaptable to changes in the application environment in which they are running.
  • Adaptable Implementation: An implementation of the RAID distributed database system.
  • Communication Protocols: The performance of communication in distributed database systems New implementations of communications primitives specifically tuned for distributed databases. These implementations include the PUSH system for developing user-level communications protocols that run inside the operating
    system kernel.
  • Experiments: Experiments on adaptability in distributed database systems.

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